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Prices of tax settlements in 2018 Gdynia office

Status pendler
550 pln
10% deduction
400 pln
Tax return for seafarers and fishermen
from 600 pln
TAX RETURN i.e. selvangivelse to the tax office for foreigners with an additional form (the price depends on the complexity of the settlement, which the client will be informed about after their documents have been analysed)
from 450 to 600 pln
Tax return on a hand-filled form, in instances when there are no PIN codes or no document from the tax office. In case of more complex settlements, we reserve the right to increase the price, of which the customer will be informed in advance.
+50 pln
to the basic price
Appeal against input tax assessment
from 500 to 750 pln
Copies of original documents
2 pln
+ cost of return postage
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