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Required attachments:

Norwegian Tax Return - in case you have never used Altinn system or declared to the norwegian Tax authorities that you want to receive tax documents in paper form. This document comes from the tax office at the end of March or early April.

or order the PIN-codes.
Document from the employer (or employers - if you had more than one employer in 2014), showing the remuneration in Norway in 2014

(yearly statement from Norwegian Work and Social Office) - if You received unemployment benefit, sickness allowance, parental benefit or other taxable social benefits from NAV in 2014.

Document from the bank (in Norway), showing the amount on Your bank account per 31.12.2014. (In case your Tax Return is in the Altinn system or if You've received the pre-completed Tax return in paper form, this document is not necessary).

if the employer paid premiums to the National Insurance System in your home country.

* I confirm hereby that the information and data given above are correct, reliable and truthful. I confirm that I have read the price list of Polish Connection for the Tax Returns 2014, and that I will pay the price for the prepared Tax Return according to the received invoice in time.