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Tax return in Norway

Everyone who has worked in Norway must submit a tax return, regardless of how long they worked or for whom. The requirement applies to:

  • A student, who earned money while studying in Norway, e.g. by working one or two days a week
  • A seasonal worker who worked for a month in a factory or on a farm
  • An employee working for a Norwegian employer
  • An employee delegated from a company in his country of origin to work in Norway, even if he is exempt from paying income tax due to a tax agreement between his country of origin and Norway
  • An employee hired out to a Norwegian employer
  • An au pair

What do you prepare for our firm to be able to complete your tax return, so that we can make sure the tax office accepts all the deductions? Read the following information carefully:

  • Check exactly which tax return option concerns you. Any doubts? Read the most frequently asked questions
  • Fill in all data in the table, as precisely as you can. Remember that missing information may mean we can’t deduct such expenses as board and lodging costs!
  • Make sure you’ve prepared copies of all the attachments mentioned on the list. If, for example, you forget to include the declaration of how much rent you paid in a given tax year, the tax office will not deduct this. If you do not provide copies of airline or ferry tickets, deductions for travelling may be rejected.
  • Without the lønns- og trekkoppgave (the equivalent of the Polish tax return form from an employer) we will not be able to check whether the data held by the tax office is correct.
  • Enclose your PIN codes! If you don’t have these, don’t send your documents yet – order the codes here and only then send the full set of documents to our office. Remember that the PIN codes are sent automatically to the address registered in the tax office in Norway. This address is shown on all tax documents received from the tax office. It is not possible to have the PIN codes sent to any address other than that registered at the tax office.
  • Don’t forget to place your signature at the bottom of the table.
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